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Beasts We Once Called Brothers

March 28, 2011

I saw and old candy shop,
While I sat, hidden from their eyes
When there was the silence before the storm
Then the bombs were dropped like lightening

And they hit the town like thunder
Red bricks rain through the gray sky and pollute the streets like blood
With death close at hand, I remembered a time
When the candy store was a place of excitement

Now, filled with smoke and tears
It’s become a place of pain and death
And makes me wonder if these beasts we once called brothers
Take joy or guilt in ruining our pasts and futures

I remember children with their coins and excited eyes
Their hearts accelerated with sugar
Now accelerated with fear of death
But even more with fear of pain.

The smoke spread over what was once a great city
And echoed the feelings in our hearts
And with all the sorrow in their eyes
I wonder if happiness can ever reign again

It is pain to see once a happy place burnt to ashes
Just as our souls are being smothered with hatred
And all this makes me wonder
Are the wicked overcome with pride or remorse?

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